The competition has concluded and the winners will be announced on discord and X!

User Equity
Shuaibahmed Mahar 168674.49
Ramzan Waheed 163637.86
anwar ul 160771.8
leakey wachira ngigi 156145.3
Robert Gardiner 153370.52
Shaukat Hussain 149928.37
Adam Bin Siraj 148868.35
mohammed khenfer 147420.27
yuvaraj d 143145.1
Nebiyou Mengistu 140123.54
laouar younes 135083.9
fortune.offen 134433.19
hamzeh hamzeh 133511.7
Thabang Nthethe 128834.13
suzeni benedito 124942
Quyền Trần Văn 124214
Abhay Panchal 124052.83
pritam dawase 123692.13
Umar Mughal 123196.23
Tufail Ahmad 121829.47
wilfredo rodriguez 120973
aminu.sule umar 120205.43
UKOHA OJUKWU 119938.26
faisal halliru 119126.1
Muhammad Sufaid 118340.65
Jahanzeb Tariq 118146.79
Luisa de Lima 117306.46
Kestutis Valinskis 114652.97
Adam Bin Siraj 114452.5
chaudhry nafees 114202.47
Shunmuga Ananth V 113637.69
Olaoluwa Adegoke 113161.65
Nykash G 112130
Adeeb Khan Haz 111693.1
Mustapha Shittu 111457.27
Ange Christian Coulibaly 110896.07
Shaun Varen Liles 110554.28
Guisson Joseph 110256.79
Abdoulaye Ousmane 110100.98
mani.r 110082.37
dannilla.mcdonald 109883.92
Nguyen Van Tu 109846.7
Thawatchai PROMWISET 109745.01
Vera Nwabueze 109690.08
Birdavinder singh 109253.67
Haris Bin Tahir 109011.87
clinton.afuzie 108719.98
Muhammad Rohan 108598.07

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