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Frequently Asked Questions

What platforms do you use for evaluations?

Currently, all of our evaluations use MT5.

What is the Profit Split Ratio?

We start all DeiFunded traders with a generous profit-sharing ratio of 80:20. But remember, this is just your beginning. As you continue to demonstrate successful trading, you have the potential to elevate your earnings, claiming up to a remarkable 90% profit split on your trades.

How do the verification and evaluation phases work?

To embark on your funding journey, first showcase your trading skills. Begin with a simulated account, where you’ll experience real-market-like conditions. Achieve the set profit milestones and follow our risk management guidelines, and you’ll pave your way to the subsequent phase.

Who is your broker?

Kubera Capital Markets

Trading during rollover

During the rollover period, spreads often widen, which can unexpectedly trigger stop-loss orders. To prevent premature trade exits, consider adjusting stop-loss settings to accommodate wider spreads or temporarily removing them during this time.

Can I Trade During Major Economic News or Over the Weekend?

Absolutely! At DeiFunded, we believe in providing our traders with the flexibility to seize market opportunities whenever they arise. You are free to trade during significant economic news releases and over the weekend, allowing you to capitalise on potential market movements during these times. Just remember to always employ prudent risk management strategies, especially during periods of heightened market volatility.

Is There a Minimum Trading Volume or Time Requirement?

Yes, there is a minimum trading volume and time requirement. Traders are required to trade for at least 4 days per phase and achieve a minimum of 5% trading volume.

What Are the Risk Management Guidelines?

Our risk management guidelines are designed to ensure the sustainability of both the trader and DeiFunded. Here’s a breakdown:

  1. Total Maximum Drawdown: Traders must not exceed a total drawdown of 10% from their initial account balance. This serves as a protective measure to maintain the account’s health and longevity.
  2. Daily Maximum Drawdown: On any given trading day, your drawdown should not exceed 5% of your starting balance for that day. This is to prevent excessive losses in a short timeframe and to encourage disciplined trading.
  3. Stop-Loss Rules: It’s essential to set and adhere to stop-loss orders to manage potential losses effectively. This not only safeguards your account but also instils a discipline that is critical for long-term trading success.
  4. Trading during the market ‘Roll Over’ period (NYC 17:00) is subject to Broker and Liquidity Provider updates, especially regarding spreads. Traders should be cognisant of spread volatility on either side of this period, and monitor any Stop Loss and Take Profit limits they have assigned.
How Do Payouts Work?

Payments to customers with positive trading results, in compliance with our partnered proprietary trading firm’s conditions, are overseen by a dedicated financial team. This team ensures smooth processing by projecting liquidity needs and cash requirements, including payouts. Our partnering firm conducts consistent analyses to ascertain its readiness for all foreseeable financial obligations.

Do you allow accounts to be merged?

No, at this stage we do now allow accounts to be merged.

The information provided on this website is solely for general informational purposes and does not take into consideration your specific objectives, financial status, or needs. Prior to making decisions based on this information, you should evaluate its suitability in relation to your personal objectives, financial circumstances, and requirements.